A Pause for Something Important . . .

When I first launched this blog at the beginning of June, I intended it to be a place where I would document the creation of a book. It would also serve as a platform where I could share some of the things that have kept me on track and creating.  Ultimately, it would be a way for me to help others take a crack at their goals by seeing how this guy has been able to make it happen.  Writing is a lonely process and it helps to have someone cheering you along.

And then, something popped up on my Twitter feed the other day that caught my attention.  I read about how a fellow writer who lives in the Northern Sierra Nevadas is trying to revitalize the local high school library in attempt to give something to the local kids.  Aside from having the greatest blog name of all time, Margaret Garcia is trying to rebuild that library one book at a time.

I was really moved when I read about what she is trying to do for her town.  I love what she is doing and I am getting behind her efforts and supporting her.  The other day, I ordered a copy of The Sandman Volume 1.  Today, I am writing this entry and putting it out on Twitter.  I hope that someone else finds this and is inspired to help her in her efforts. 

Margaret has done a great job of keeping her blog up to date so all of us fans can see her efforts.  Please take a look at it so you can help support her.

Thanks for all of your help.  The kids in Greenville need this.